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Full Name: Jonathan David Buck
Birthday: November 11, 1974
Instruments Played: piano, drums, guitar, and bass.
Pets:  3 labrador retrievers
Hobbies:  painting
Professional Affiliation:  Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
He's cool and he's hip. He's a new-jack with an old school style. He's a street-smart romantic who's not afraid to let his vulnerability show in his music. He expresses himself with youthful energy and passion that's unparalleled. This tender, sexy, yet sensitive multi-talented young man can he can sing, write, and produce. He not only performed all of these feats on his debut album, but also with such powerhouse performers as Toni Braxton, After 7, and Color Me Badd. His name is Jon B., he's ready to fill your world with music. 

Jon B.'s new CD, Cool Relax, is in the stores now. Check it out! It is definitely slammin'!!  Jon works with more writers and producers on this current CD than the previous one.  He is currently working with the group Dru Hill. 

Jon has recently started directing.  He has co-directed the videos for Don't Say, They Don't Know, and R U Still Down. 

Jon did some modeling in a recent issure of MR magazine. 

One problem in the music business is others 'borrowing' other people's work.  Jon B. filed suit against the Spice Girls for using his melody from What R U 2 Me (a song recorded by After 7) for their song Say You'll Be There.  Jon has apparently won his lawsuit; he iss now being credited for co-writing this song.  If you listen to the chorus on both songs, you can definitely hear the similarities. 

Jon B. displays a great wealth of emotion and experience on his Yab Yum Records/ Sony 550 Music debut album BONAFIDE. Jon's sophomore set, Cool Relax, shows how the multi-talented artist has matured as a songwriter.  Says the Rhode Island native, who now makes his home in Pasadena, California (home of the Rose Bowl), "The best way for people to know me is through my music. I get to speak one-on-one to the listener." 

Jon B. produced and wrote the majority of the thirteen cuts on BONAFIDE. Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds co-produced two tracks (Pants Off and Isn't It Scary) with Jon B., and contributed two songs including Pretty Girl and the hit single, Someone To Love, a soulful duet between the pair. 

It's not a surprise that Jon B. has chosen music as his career; Jon comes from a musical family. His father is a professor of music, his mother is a concert pianist; his brother Kevin plays cello; his sister Debbie, violin. He remembers "being rhythmic from an early age, since I was around five years old." Jon always heard classical music while growing up, but his grandparents owned a record store and they would give him free records. This opened up another world of music (he first got to listen to the Bee Gees, the Beatles, and the Jackson 5 this way). He began playing keyboards and writing songs when he was nine years old. Jon also plays bass and drums. 

With approximately forty songs completed, Jon B. started shopping his demos around to different record companies in Los Angeles. He contacted Tracey Edmonds, President & CEO of Yab Yum Entertainment, which led to his first meeting at Yab Yum in late 1993. Tracey was so impressed that she set up Jon B.'s first production opportunities with Color Me Badd, After 7, and Toni Braxton.  
Jon began working on BONAFIDE in between working with other artists. He wanted to show different styles, while still maintaining some continuity. His efforts paid off with a highly successful debut album released in early 1995.